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Pastor Ben Strunk


January 30, 2013

            My wife and I were watching the news a few weeks ago and heard a story about an elementary class that had come up with what most would consider an unusual punishment for not doing homework.  Students who failed to complete their previous night’s assignment were made to...
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There Is A Redeemer

December 15, 2012

          As many of you know I work at a Christian bookstore.  A couple of weeks ago I was paged to the front to help a customer find a book.  I went to the appropriate department, introduced myself, and asked how I could help him.  He was a very nice...
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Could It Be You?

November 15, 2012

As I’ve oft said, I have been in church since I was “knee high to a grasshopper.”  I was blessed to attend a Christian university and earn degrees in church ministry.  I have listened to hundreds (probably thousands) of sermons and read tons of books dealing with our faith.  I am very grateful for...
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The King Is Coming

October 13, 2012

             Bill Gaither wrote a song (anyone who has listened to me speak for any length of time has heard that phrase once or twice before) called “The King Is Coming.”  Written more than 30 years ago, the piece describes in soaring lyrics as well as orchestration what it...
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Drownings and Amputations! Seriously?!

September 6, 2012

          As I begin writing this newsletter (Sat., Aug. 25th) we are keeping an eye on the local weather forecasts monitoring the track of Tropical Storm Isaac.  For the most part it seems that this meteorological event won’t be too terrible for our region.  That being said, those of us...
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Fifth Sunday Friend/Sing Day

September 1, 2012
Fifth Sunday Friend/Sing Day

Grace Christian Ministries invites you to our “Fifth” Sunday Friend/Sing Day on September 30th , 2018     We have services at 10 am followed by a potluck lunch in our fellowship hall.  After lunch, beginning at about 12:30, we join together for a time of special music.  All are invited to bring your gospel...
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Two Choices In Three Illustrations

August 5, 2012

Jesus often used parables (stories/illustrations) to make important points.  In this month’s newsletter, we have three illustrations that I believe clearly and poignantly address critical issues concerning contemporary views on the atonement, the gospel, and the person of Christ. The Atonement—Example or Essential…A man and his wife were walking on the shore of a...
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True Freedom

July 17, 2012

Freedom.  One simple word wrought with so much meaning.  As Americans we enjoy the freest society on the face of this earth, a fact for which we should be thankful.  I have spent much time over the years speaking about America and its Christian heritage and my appreciation for both has not diminished in...
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Fatherhood In The Lord’s Prayer

June 15, 2012

One of the dominant images of God in Scripture is that of Father.  I have known this for many years, but my appreciation and understanding of this divine picture has been enhanced exponentially since I became an earthly father in 2008.  The love I have for my son has helped me know better the...
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May 30, 2012

             Gaither videos, The Food Channel, and cable news programs constitute a very high percentage of the television time allowance in the Strunk household.  Now, to be honest, we’re not always hanging on every word (unless it’s those glorious Gaither videos).  Many times, the television serves as little more than background noise.  Such was...
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