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The Last Miracle

Christmas is a time when we celebrate the miracle of the incarnation.  We stand in awe of the grandeur of the Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us and marvel that we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth (John […]

Why Do We Read The Bible? Part 2

*An introduction as well as Reasons 1-5 are found in October’s Newsletter.  (note: both October and November Gracelets  are based on a series of messages available at that began on Wednesday, Oct. 1st).* Reason 6—We Read The Bible Because It’s The Source Of Faith (Romans 10:17)…My wife has roots […]

Why Do We Go To Church?

We were blessed to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Grace Christian Ministries in August.  This month we are thankful to celebrate being in our current facility for 4 years.  God is indeed faithful!  On this occasion, we took a couple of services, one Sunday morning and one Wednesday evening, to […]

Why Do We Pray?

Earlier this morning I went to my first preschool meeting with the Math Coach at my new middle school.  (yes, summer is officially over!—in case you hadn’t noticed, this newsletter is about PRAYER!)  A main emphasis of the school district this year will be on increasing the rigor of our […]

Onward Christian Soldiers

My wife and I watch the local newscast nearly every night.  Most times it can be a fairly depressing endeavor filled with breaking news about home invasions, drug deals, child abuses, car thefts, and the list of tragedies goes on and on.  A few weeks ago there was a distinct […]


A Christian radio show host that I frequently listen to turned me on to an internet video put out by a greeting card company. The company put a fake want ad in various newspapers and electronic media for a “Director of Operations.”  Several folks applied for the position and interviews […]

Faulty Foundations

One of the shows my wife and I like to watch on HGTV (Homes and Gardens Television for the single men out there!) is Income Property.  The premise of the program is that some investors (usually a married couple) are looking for a house that they can subdivide into at […]


One of the most famous phrases from antiquity regarding this month comes to us from the Shakespearean play Julius Caesar.  The title character is warned to “beware the Ides of March” (meaning March 15th—I’m running a touch late on the newsletter this month, but everyone should have it by the […]

The Lamb’s Purchase

You can tell a great deal about a person by what they purchase.  You know what I mean.  We’ve all been standing in the checkout grumbling on the inside (and perhaps on the outside) about the fact that we’ve once again chosen the wrong line (there were three others to […]