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God Will Not

           One of the most enduring and captivating posters to pass before my eyes during my more than a decade of working in Christian retail was composed of an artist’s rendering of Jesus saying the words “I AM” with several and various Scriptural names and descriptors […]

Apologetics Class

The scriptures tell us to be ready and prepared to defend the faith of Jesus Christ against all attacks (1 Pet.3:15, 2 Cor.10:4-5, Jd.3, Phil.1:17). Come and get the tools you need to defend your faith and help lead others to salvation through Christ alone.  Bring your bibles and a […]

Cast Your Vote!

             I hope you have your voter registration card handy and have mapped out the location of your polling place.  Maybe you’re thinking, “Now wait just a minute, it can’t be that time again, it seems like only yesterday that we voted last!”  Exactly, the […]

A “S”urvey Of The Book Of Job

If someone were to take a poll of the least favorite books of the Bible, Job would probably land toward the top of the list, right alongside other popular contenders such as Leviticus and Ecclesiastes.  However, the 42 chapters of this Old Testament work have great and significant teaching which […]

What(‘s) In The World?!

Perhaps it’s because I have a little bit more time in the Summer to watch too much of the news, but it seems to me that at an ever increasing rate we see things we never thought we’d see and find ourselves asking “what in the world?!”  However, while events […]