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The Example Of Daniel

I have taught Math in some form or other for over 20 years (must have started when I was 9!).   When instructing students I give them plenty of facts and lists of steps to solve certain types of problems and to perform specific kinds of calculations.  Still, facts and formulas […]

Thou Shalt Not Murder

A high school senior, lettering in two sports, sits in a car with a friend.  Before either knows what hit them, the athlete’s life is snuffed out and the other is wounded by gunshots.  Two young men attend a party at a club.  They and their families assumed they would […]

The Power Of The Name

A few years back my wife and I received a surprise when submitting our taxes.  We were notified that our filing would be delayed until we went through a process of proving that I am me.  The IRS questioned my identity because someone else had already submitted a return with […]

Faith Of Our Fathers

An old hymn begins with the lyric, “Faith of our fathers, living still, in spite of dungeon, fire, and sword, o how our hearts beat high with joy, whene’er we hear that glorious word!”  I am thankful to have had a Christian grandfather.  Papa(w), as I called him, was a […]

A Mother’s Way

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have been blessed with great and godly women in my life.  My grandmother, who I called mamaw, loved Jesus and loved me.  She always gave me open arms and a full plate (usually filled with fried potatoes and cornbread!—made with lard, […]


A Christian radio show host I enjoy listening to recently shared a story about his daughter looking for a job to help put herself through college.  She applied at a local daycare and had success getting an interview.  However, during the interview she was shocked to be informed by the […]