Happy Mother’s Day!


(*devotion delivered to a Mother’s Day Brunch in 2011*)

          Majestic…Our family enjoys traveling toBuschGardens.  One of my favorite times of the day is when we take the train ride.  We get to see so many exotic animals, enjoy the humor and information provided by the tour guide, and, last but not least, we get to sit down!  On the train ride you see antelope effortlessly gliding along the grassy plains, giraffes extending their beautiful necks to eat some foliage off the trees, tigers displaying their glorious stripes as they sunbathe on the rocks, and the list could go on and on describing these majestic creatures.  Now, if you could speak animal language and talk to the antelope, giraffes, and tigers; I doubt they would call themselves majestic.  They probably would say that they’re just being who they are and are just doing what they do.  Likewise you moms, who know how to simultaneously keep the child’s hands in the cart while getting the groceries off the shelves and sorting the coupons in your purse and are still able to make it home without breaking the eggs (or losing your marbles), probably would say you’re just being who you are and doing what you do.  But those who watch from the outside know, you are majestic!

            Omnipresent…This is a word you won’t see on many Mother’s Day cards.  It’s usually reserved for theological circles and speaks of the attribute of God in which He is always present in every place at the same time.  Now, I know moms aren’t God and that they really can’t be everywhere at once, but sometimes it sure seems that they are!  I remember a mirror that my grandmother, in all of her motherly wisdom and perhaps with some intelligence from the CIA, strategically placed between the dining room and living room of her house inOhio.  Through the use of this well-placed mirror she could be in the kitchen and see everything you were doing!  Her keen voice would ask you to stop doing this or to start doing that and you would wander, “does she see and know everything?!”  There may have been times in our lives when we may not have appreciated moms seeming to be everywhere all at once.  But, I would guess most of us can say that there have been many moments since when she would call on the phone, knowing we had a hard day though we had said nothing, that we were glad she’s everywhere and knows all!

            Tough…One of the most thrilling moments of my life was witnessing the birth of our son.  Among the many things I learned on that glorious day was that mothers have to be one of the toughest members of Creation!  If they can give birth, then nothing is beyond their grasp!  However, their labor of toughness is a chore that will continue for a lifetime.  We may not always enjoy the discipline our moms deliver, but time has a way of making us better appreciate their wisdom and causing us to give thanks for the work ethic, manners, and life skills they imparted.  Singer/comedian Mark Lowry once said that the answer to the societal ills plaguing our country was for a bunch of tough moms like his to go around our cities and do drive-by whoopings!  (and there is a difference between a whipping and a whooping!)  I think he’s right!

            Hungry…I didn’t choose to talk about moms being hungry because I was speaking to them at a brunch, but rather due to my observation that moms seem to always be the last to eat!  They cook the dinner, set the table, get the drinks, load up the kids’ plates, cool down the hot stuff, cut up the big stuff, make sure the vegetables are eaten…and then finally, maybe, assuming no surprises have taken place in the meantime…they set down to dinner.  Mothers are the very embodiment of servanthood.  Their willingness to put others before themselves is an admirable trait commended to us in Scripture.  Their stomachs might be a little emptier than everyone else at the table, but their hearts are probably a lot fuller.  Moms, remember and be encouraged by the words of Jesus, “the last shall one day be first!”

            Example…I have always had an affinity for Timothy, the young understudy of Paul to whom the Apostle wrote two letters included in the canon of Scripture.  One of Paul’s strongest encouragements to the young minister was for him to continue in the Christian faith which his grandmother and mother had personified before him.  The power of example holds much greater influence than the power of mere words.  I am blessed to be a minister of the gospel, to have the opportunity to deliver God’s Word.  However, while I’ve preached many sermons, heard many sermons, and read piles of books, I’ve never heard a clearer message of Christian faith, hope, and love than what I’ve seen in the life and example of a godly mother.  I could never thank the Lord enough for the fact that I have such a mother and that my son has such a mother too!

            Remarkable…I didn’t choose to call moms “remarkable” because they are able (and often very willing!…just kidding!) to make remarks.  I chose this word as the last adjective here because something remarkable is worth taking note of.  It makes you stop in your tracks and say “WOW!”  It’s out of the ordinary and off the beaten path.  There is nothing more special, more noteworthy, more WOWING, than you moms.  In the words of Proverbs 31, “charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised…her children rise up and bless her.”  May all our moms be blessed, this day and every day!                 

You’re The One

(*placed in church bulletin on Mother’s Day 2010*)

You’re the one who bore my mother, When I look at you I see,

So much of what’s in her, So much of what’s in me.

 How well I remember, Sitting on your old green couch,

And all your admonitions, To never be a slouch.

 Now, by close of day, This morn you may forget,

But many cherished years, Are with us both still yet.

 Facts are facts, The truth will stand,

The best word for you, Indeed, is grand.


You’re the onewho gave me life, In many more ways than one,

By your love and faith, I’ve come to know God’s Son.

Through all the years and tears, No matter what, you cared,

Your life, your love, your service, With me and others shared.

The blessing that you are, No money could afford,

In your heart shines bright, The love of our dear Lord.

My parent, my friend, There could be no other,

I’d be more blessed, To call my mother.


You’re the one who walked the aisle, And took me by the hand,

To pledge our lives forever, For God to take a stand.

What a joy we did find, When 10 months after ‘I Do’,

Came our most precious gift, Baby Benji, dressed in blue.


So happy that together, We get to watch him grow,

That from you he learns life and love, Is the greatest blessing to know.


With you I so gratefully, Will spend all the days of my life,

What a privilege to call you, My friend, my love, my wife.