GCM 10th Anniversary (W.I.F.E)

Over the years my wife and I have watched a number of episodes of a television show called Undercover Boss.  Its basic storyline deals with the CEO of some company disguising themselves and then working at various positions and locations within their organization over a week or so period of […]

7 Biblical Points About Sin

One of my favorite professors in seminary was Dr. Larry Hart.  He was a godly man, a wonderful teacher, and had a great sense of humor (much like mine!).  I always sat in the front row of classes when I had opportunity to pick my seat, and I especially enjoyed […]

Thanksgiving 2001 (Papa’s Tribute)

**My grandpa, papa as I called him (pronounced paw-paw) would have been 92 this past February 2nd.  Being on Groundhog Day, his birthday was always easy to remember.  If you’ve listened to me preach for any length of time you’ve heard testimonies from his life before.  He was a precious […]

New Covenant

In case you haven’t heard, I might be running for President in 2020!  At least my son (who just turned 11 on January 2nd—where does the time go?) wants me to.  I told him I could never win but he insists that with him at the helm of the campaign […]

False Assumptions

When Christmas Break comes up in three weeks (O Happy Day!), it will officially mark the mid-way point of my 9th year involved in public education.  However, though I’m only 29!, I’ve actually been involved in teaching on some level for 25 years.  I remember my first position instructing middle […]

Well Done Thou Good And Faithful Servant

I, along with all the other 5,000 public school teachers in Lee County, recently received an email from the District telling us of The “New” Best and Brightest Incentive Program.  The details of the email, which took five pages to express, are essentially as follows.  Each teacher gets an annual […]

Who Are We Afraid Of?

On the 31st of this month (which happens to fall on a Wednesday night this year—so come to church!), millions will flood the streets of America dressed in the garb of ghosts and goblins, the wardrobe of witches and warlocks, and the suits of superheroes and celebrities.  While most at […]

Are You Missing The Signs?

I had to go (I mean got to go!) to jury duty a few weeks back.  I received my summons in the mail, I put in for the day off from work, I prepared my lesson plans and accompanying materials for the substitute teacher who would fill in for me […]

The Bible vs. The Quran Class Notes–Bro. Todd Greer

Why I am not a Muslim  When considering the proposition ‘The Quran cannot be the word of God’ we must found our rejection of Islam as a whole on purely rational grounds and not emotional of psychological reasons. The question is simply whether the Quran is a revelation of God. […]