Keep Reading Part 2

As many of you are aware, Pastor Shon and I teach at the same school.  There are certain forms that we have to fill out on a regular basis, on a    very     regular    basis.  (Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork…and the kids think they have homework!).  One such form had to […]

Keep Reading Part 1

There’s an old story of a well-to-do Ambassador’s wife who was known for giving large stately dinner parties.  In fact her events were so grand that she employed a head chef, a full serving staff, and a valet service.  On the evening of her premier dinner party of the year […]

What’s Keeping You Back From Going Forward?

Our family went to see Cars 3 a few weeks ago (just a tip—the AMC in North Ft. Myers has a cheap rate—about half the price of anywhere else—being frugal is a Christian virtue!).  For those who don’t have a wonderful nine year old and may not have seen the […]

Insights Into Our Heavenly Father

A few years ago I preached a series of messages entitled, “The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached.”  Now before you think that I have too high an estimation of my preaching abilities, I did not choose the title based on any feelings about my oratorical skills but because of the passage […]

A Mother’s Request

You won’t be reading this until after Mother’s Day, but I’m beginning the writing of this article a little over a week before May’s Matriarchal Event.  I tell you that because I’m getting ready to be prophetic, in the foretelling the future kind of sense.  Now I don’t mean to […]

A Worthy Sacrifice!

The 30th of this month will commemorate the anniversary of the ending of the Vietnam War.  Of all the conflicts our country has been involved in, perhaps none has stirred so much controversy.  Not only were there battles fought overseas but protests, sometimes violent in nature, broke out on the […]

Micaiah-Marks Of A Prophet

We recently took Benji to a meeting of the Ft. Myers Coin Club.  It convenes once a month at a community center about two miles from our home.  We’ve been wondering about maybe starting him into coin collecting and my wonderful wife discovered that this local club met close to […]


If you’ve walked through the door of any store (and I do mean any store—from the department store to the drug store to the grocery store, etc.) you’ve been inundated by red things, heart shaped things, flowery things, and lots of chocolate things.  February is the month when the country […]

Biblical Bulletpoints From Benji’s Birth

On a cold winter night (freezing by Florida standards) nine years ago one of the most significant events in my life occurred.  My wonderful wife and I witnessed the birth of our baby boy!  At 5:50 pm on a Wednesday evening (yes, we missed church that night) the sweetest 8 […]

Luke, The Man God Used To Write The Christmas Story

Even those not in church have likely heard these famous words during the Christmas Season, “Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people; for unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ […]